We help you design a complete roadmap for a sustainable analytics program. Our team brings with it the experience of planning and executing many analytics projects, including AI; thus ensuring that yours delivers its maximum value with low risk.


Our in-depth experience in implementing big data solutions ensures that your analytical program delivers lasting business value. Our cross-functional team ensures that the program has the required skill-set and capability to solve the toughest problems employing state-of-the-art security practices. We are technology agnostic and use the correct technology for your use case.


We provide you with the strategic thinking that you need to ensure that your long term vision is balanced between immediate and long term value. Our experience can help you design strategic decisions that maximize the buy-in and cultural shift that your organization needs to maintain competitive advantage from your data.


We can help you with a variety of topics on big data technology and data science: from Python and Spark, to Security or Advanced Analytics. Our team has experience in both teaching and productionisation and will make your team ready to deliver.