data experts with heart

holistic data consultancy

Hand-picked teams of veteran experts to solve your complex data problems. We are passionate about building real world solutions especially where it gets difficult.

We service all industries – with a focus on highly regulated sectors: Biotech, Healthcare, Finance and Law.

We’re here to help you succeed with data and we’re available immediately.

why we are here

We believe a holistic approach is key to transforming organisations with data.
We use our technical expertise to make a real difference.
We solve complex problems in partnership.

We understand what sustainable solutions require:
 – a strong business value case
 – building for production
 – building it quickly.

Fuller use of data can assuredly make the world a better place, especially in the world of health. For anyone struggling to get the most out of their data, we’re here to help.

Honesty and Respect, we advise agnostically
Accountability and Openness, we say it like it is
Recognising and supporting individuality, we build and encourage diverse teams
Together we can build and train your team to become self reliant and gear up for the future
Cutting Edge and Continuous Learning, we train ourselves and your experts

our values

our expertise

value from data

From identifying your first use cases, building strategic roadmaps and all the way through to the production deployment, we think end-to-end and holistically.

the team and the tech

Collective experts in whichever technology is most appropriate for your use case, from cutting-edge and open-source through to legacy systems. We can provide these experts, help you to assemble your team, or train your existing team.

data science and engineering with security

Building secure production systems that can efficiently and effectively maximize the potential of your own data. Modelling and deploying your new data products.

mlops: devops & dataops

Implementing maintainable automated systems that ensure best practices.


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