92% of analytics pilots fail to produce value

come join the other 8%

We are a multinational boutique consultancy specialised in big data. Our goal is to bring your big data projects into high-impact solutions.

Our team is composed of hand-picked IT experts and data scientists passionate about transforming how your organisation uses data to improve bottom-line.

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We operate together with your internal teams for you to become self-sufficient.


We have experience in both traditional analytics and advanced analytics such as deep learning.


We use technology agnostically, with a preference for open source, reducing vendor lock-in.


We average more than 10 years of experience in designing,  implementing and maintaining big data solutions that reached production


We have a large experience in implementing solutions that pass penetration tests

our expertise

data science

Analysing your data to gain real insights and bottom line value


Designing bespoke systems and frameworks that allow you to put your data to use

data engineering

Creating reliable systems and ensuring your data is ready for analytics


Providing implementation of maintainable systems that ensure best practices

our services

why are we here?

We believe a holistic approach is key to transforming organisations with data and analytics

We use our technical expertise to make a real difference, and solve complex problems in partnership with you.

We understand that building sustainable solutions requires building for a strong business value case, building for production, and building quickly for continuous value delivery.

meet our team
Honesty and Respect, we advise agnostically
Accountability and Openness, we say it like it is
Recognising and supporting individuality, we build and encourage diverse teams
Together we can build and train your team to become self reliant and gear up for the future
Cutting Edge and Continuous Learning, we train ourselves and your experts

our values


June 1, 2018

Changing the statistics on success

In 2016 Gartner observed that 85% of Big Data projects were not reaching production. The latest survey from McKinsey paints an even more dire picture, 92% of those surveyed do…
June 1, 2018

How we build teams

When we started talking to each other on how we would want to create the most effective team structure we came to an interesting setup of teams. Rob decided to…
June 1, 2018

Big Data, done right, enhances business value

It is no secret that Big Data is Big Business. Fundamentally, Big Data is a natural continuation of automation, where companies can become much more effective with the same workforce,…
May 31, 2018

Digital Transformation is hard

As articulated well in this recent Wall Street Journal entry, even with the best use case, and relevant expertise, the change process involved in actually adopting what is created to…


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