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We comprise a diverse team of experts to realize end-to-end solutions for your business. Experts in engineering, data science and business. For each project we hand-pick a bespoke team, led by veterans, in co-ordination with our extensive partnership network. Read more about our leadership and our project successes below.

our leadership team

We believe that the power of Data Science is multiplied many times when part of a diverse data team. Business experts in engineering, data science, business and change management are necessary ingredients to sustained business value.

We have brought together a diverse team of experts to work with you in order to build end-to-end solutions together.

Here is how we do that >

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Rob Lambert, PhD

Founder – Lead Netherlands

Building and managing production systems and expert teams

Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London

Mads Ingwar, PhD

Founder – Lead Denmark

Helping organisations excel where AI meets business problems

Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam

Andy Elmsley, PhD

Partner - Lead UK

Building secure and accountable data-driven solutions for production


our success stories

We work across sectors, applying insights from different industries to realize rapid and meaningful innovation. Read more about some of our successes below.

Transforming Biotechnology ...

We have aided major biotechnology firms to realize major improvements from R&D right through to the finished product.

  • Industry 4.0: Production improvements valued at hundreds of millions of EUR.

    Working with a global leader in biotech over an 18-month period. Our combined team comprised between 3 and 20 embedded experts. A bespoke cloud-based offline-digital processing center was built, processing 40-years worth of production data, across seven facilities in three continents. By combining data without siloes we discovered novel leads for production, valued at hundreds of millions of EUR.
  • Digital Lab: Improving test throughput by 10,000-times

    For a global manufacturer we created a bespoke blended team of 3 to 6 experts. Over a nine month period we digitized time-consuming business-critical laboratory testing, employing computer vision and machine learning to improving test throughput by up to 10,000-times, and also improve predictability of product quality.
  • Data Strategy: +100% increase in innovation.

    By embedding a small consultancy team for three months we discovered multiple high-value use cases for a global manufacturer. A data strategy was developed and adopted, together with multi-year roadmap, identifying and quantifying dozens of business-value cases across R&D and production. Once completed, this roadmap is targeted to increase the pace by which they release new biotech products to market by +100% within four years.

Our biotech expertise has led to successful launch of several spin-off organizations with which we partner directly today.

Data In The Finance Sector ...

We have aided major banks and investment firms to release new data-driven product lines, and launch data-driven investment portfolios.

  • Bancassurance: new product launches in three countries

    As part of a major international initiative, our team of between 4-8 experts over 18 months designed, built and deployed, a next-generation personalization service for bancassurance, launched to customers in three countries. As part of this project we worked directly with some 20 internal bank departments, spearheading data improvements across the bank.
  • Data-Driven VC: improved candidate selection digitally

    Working in partnership mode, we provided expert C-level strategic and tactical advice to an innovative VC fund. We helped them source and build their own bespoke internal team, and their own cloud analytics platform, now providing insights digitally to their investment managers they would otherwise not have access to.
  • Leverage in the Existing Portfolio: improved portfolio value

    Working closely with a private equity fund, as C-level strategic advisors, we have helped them identify and prioritize valuable digital transformation opportunities within their existing portfolio of companies. Increasing the value of their existing portfolio significantly.

Our FinTech experience is broad, including experience in AI-driven investment, with dedicated partner organizations.

NLP in LegalTech ...

Through partnerships and public funding we are bridging the gap between data science and legal tech. In particular, in our notable public-private partnership, together with Innovate UK, Manchester University, Kennedys Law, and AXA.

  • SmartPolicy: digitizing the management of complex contracts

    Employing NLP to break down the fundamentals of complex insurance contracts into re-usable and comparable building-blocks, enabling direct searches reacting to changes in the compliance and regulatory landscape, and direct comparisons of disparate insurance products.
  • SmartClaims: digitizing and automating claims management

    Digitizing the insurance claims process with the help of NLP, to understand and automate the existing laborious human steps required to understand the nature of a claim and validate against the insurance policy in question.

Through these partnerships our network has improved existing products or released new products. We also maintain several open-source components of the technology stack on behalf of a wider community.

Building Expert Teams ...

Across multiple sectors we are active in building expert teams.

  • Chief Data Officer: a C-level exec with a focus on data

    A modern CDO needs to have a broad range of expertise and support. Security and Privacy, Technology, Statistics and Business. We have successfully coached executives into this role, participated in candidate screening, and also supplied interim CDOs directly.
  • Head of Data Science: combining both statistics and business

    Employing a director of analytics to either lead an existing team, or forge a new team, requires finesse. We have helped organizations from start-to-finish, from forming and placing their ads, working with bespoke recruitment agencies, technically screening candidates, supplementing and monitoring their performance often with a direct counterpart supplied by us.
  • Veteran Engineers: whether CTO, VP, or simply one of the team

    With an identified business case in hand, the next hurdle is engineering. We help organizations with whatever is required to realize a business case, be this in placing the add, getting involved in the search process directly, performing bespoke tech screens, or directly supplying our own experts to cover intermediate requirements.

We maintain an active international partnership network, with access to hundreds of experts, and are ready to help you build your dream team.

Reach out directly to find out more, and discover how we can help you succeed with your data program.