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In 2016 Gartner observed that 85% of Big Data projects were not reaching production. The latest survey from McKinsey paints an even more dire picture, 92% of those surveyed do not succeed in sustainable products from pilot projects.

The 10 red flags presented by McKinsey, along with other failure modes are what we also see as very common in the current Advanced Analytics space. Lack of mandate, lack of articulated business cases, platforms for the sake of platforms, and a mismatched outsourcing/inhousing ratio are just a few ways many projects are set up for failure from an early stage.

Building for business value cases, building for production, partnership mode, and taking a holistic approach is key to success. Building fit-for-purpose platforms, quickly, with a view across the entire organization, is what we are built for at Leap Beyond. Let’s change this statistic together.


Written by Rob. Rob Lambert is one of our Founders, based in Amsterdam.