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Law, AI, and startup law continue to evolve. Currently legal innovators and regulators alike are keen to get out in front of next wave AI. Analytics in highly regulated sectors is particularly complex, as recent legal challenges in for instance France and Germany again highlight (e.g. 1; 2).

Some of this centres on the classic regulatory quandary: on the one hand wanting to promote innovation, while on the other hand not allowing a wild-west of pseudo-legal services. However, the deeper issue here is aligning and working within clear pre-existing regulations that protect consumers and businesses alike.

At Leap Beyond and our partners we add up-front considerations of ethics and regulations when building AI systems. What’s exciting is that, done carefully, this allows traditional firms in highly regulated industries (Law, Insurance, Banking, Biotech to name a few) to learn¬†how to innovate. And it is this innovation, correctly regulated, that will further diminish the field for predatory practices.